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Health benefits of steam room

When the human body goes above its normal body temperature, it automatically starts functioning to cool down, in this process certain enzymes and chemicals are also produced in the body, these chemicals and enzymes can prove to be helpful in curing infections and reducing pain. In the sauna or steam room, when the body is subjected to the heat it replicates fever like conditions and starts the process of trying to combat this ‘phantom’ fever by producing antibodies, more blood cells which in turn strengthens the immune system and makes the user more healthy, which is why doctors highly recommend taking a steam sauna.

Years of research has proved that fever has the ability to trigger many functions in the body that, strangely enough are good for it. Some of the functions are given below:

It increases the production or growth of the T-cells (a type of white blood cells) and in the mobility of the white blood cells.
It also enhances the activity of interferon, these are proteins made by the host cells to fight against threats like bacteria etc.
It also helps in decreasing the effects of endotoxins.
Fevers or more the act of fending off a fever is actually good for the human body, battling a fever is a method that is adapted by the human body to kill the virus/bacteria by heat and the more the body does this, the better it become at doing it and makes the immune system stronger and better adapted.
There are also other benefits of heating the human body besides the improved function of the immune system; some of them are given below:
The heart rate increases due to increased body temperature, due to this, blood flows a lot better to capillaries that are near to the skin.
The production of white blood cells is increased, which is really good for health and plays a vital role in fighting against dangerous viruses and aids in the recovery and treatment of major conditions such as cancer or heart and respiratory conditions.
Microbes are disabled and killed.
The metabolic rate increases.
The muscles are relaxed and soothed.
The enzyme production also increases.
Pain in muscles, joints and nerves decreases or in some cases it is totally eliminated.
Diseases are reduced or finished.
Sweating for the additional heat flushes out toxins from the body and also burns a large amount of calories
Sweating cleans the skins pores

Steam generators are used in saunas to produce water vapors, the vapors then fill the cabin, the temperature of the room is raised as per the user’s choice. Our skin needs oxygen to stay healthy and in perfect condition both the reproduce new skin cells and to maintain the ones we have. The skin’s pores are often blocked and filled with dirt, when the human body sweats, these pores open and your skin is able to breathe properly again.

There are two ways of activating sweating; it can be activated by parasympathetic or the sympathetic nervous system. Each of them will result as the activation of different body functions. According to Dr. Lawrence sweating in the steam room is a lot better than sweat during exercise. The managing director at the Cline Medical Centre Hyperthermic Detoxification Program Dr. Michael Lyon has said that sweat is manufactured by the lymph, toxins in the body exit through sweat. When Exercising to sweat the body also incorporates the support of the kidney and liver, you need complete co-operation of both of them to exercise well due to the exertion and toil on the body, but during a steam bath your body doesn’t use them as much and this can be helpful as it does not put unnecessary strain upon vital organs.

There are two types of toxins in our body, one of them are the exogenous toxins, these are the pollutants and chemicals from our surroundings and environment and there are endogenous toxins, these are the biological wastes from inside our body. Today, there are countless chemicals and other dangerous pollutants in our atmosphere, these include fertilizers, heavy metals, pesticides, different pollutants and exhaust fumes. All of these can cause several health related issues. Our body’s will fight against these toxins but only to a certain extent; if our body is overloaded with these toxins, then the result will definitely be illness. Our skin doesn’t only make us look beautiful, but it also plays a very important function of sweating. Organs like liver, kidney and lungs use skin to control and get rid of dangerous toxins.

There is tissue fluid present in tissue spaces along with fat deposits, these fluids and deposits contain several waste products that are produced as a result of metabolism, and these fluids also come out with the sweat.

Your way to good health
Only the use of steam room cannot give you the best health, it depends on several factors. There are many factors that decide your health but according to Dr. Nenah Sylver these include the following:

The total amount of pure water we take every day.
The amount of whole, clean, unprocessed and fresh food we eat daily.
The elimination of toxic chemicals you get from the surroundings.
The amount of fresh air in which you breathe, filtered air in the cities can be an alternate.
Staying in the sun for enough time.
Performing exercises daily.
Taking enough sleep.
And last but not the least is the maintenance of a positive outlook.

Steam saunas have a lot of advantages, we have chosen some of the benefits of staying in the steam room, and they are given below:

Steam relaxes the body muscles and help in loosening them up; it is also helpful for people who have pain in their joints. Steam relieves and in some cases finishes the pain in joints. It is also helpful in relieving the effects and symptoms of arthritis.
Together with the steam aromatherapy oils are also sometimes diffused, these oils are very helpful in relaxing the mind.
People suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma should give steam baths a try, because the moist air in the steam room will help them in breathing.
In today’s busy life it’s not easy to relax your mind and keep yourself in a positive frame, but while taking a steam bath it’s possible.
For women who care for their skin, steam bath is a good option; it opens up pores of the skin removing the dirt and pollutants. Some users have also said that their skin complexion has improved.
Research has shown that when elderly people take steam bath, they can get better quality sleep. It has also been seen that heating the body before sleeping can help in curing sleep related diseases like insomnia.
Sauna sessions or a steam bath can also help in stimulating the cardiovascular system, as blood flows easily and the heart beats per minute can increase from 100 to 150 beats per minute.

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